Children’s Dentistry

Make a Family Trip to the Dentist

Child at DentistFamily Appointments in a Child-Friendly Office

At Central Park Modern Dentistry, we realize that your time is valuable. Making multiple trips to the dentist for different family members can be annoying, so we make sure that we can schedule you and your children at the same time, limiting the amount of trips you need to make.

Your Child’s Dental Health

It’s recommended that you child should visit the dentist for the first time when your child’s first tooth appears. This way, your child can get used to regular trips to the dentist, which are essential for your son or daughter’s oral health. Going to the dentist every six months can prevent a majority of dental issues.

During your child’s formative years, you should make sure he or she is developing good dental hygiene habits, like flossing and regular brushing twice a day. This lays down the groundwork for good oral health.

Why Central Park Modern Dentistry?

Our office is a great option for families who need a flexible dentist with a professional and comfortable atmosphere. We offer the following:

  • Appointment Flexibility. We can schedule block appointments for the whole family for a more efficient trip.  We can have a hygienist or dentist see multiple patients at the same time to shorten the amount of time you will have to spend in the office.
  • Versatile Staff. In addition to dentists and hygienists, we also have an oral surgeon, an orthodontist, and an endodontist on staff. Because we have such a varied staff, you can be assured that we can address whatever dental need you may have. 
  • Emergency Dental Service. If you are having a dental emergency, we can set you up with a same-day appointment. Don’t get stuck for days waiting to make it into the office or to ask a questions.

Schedule an Appointment

Please call our office at 303-785-8991 to schedule an appointment today. We are taking new patients, so if you are looking for a new dentist, you can sign up for our $59 new patient special!