The Best Foods for Your Teeth

September 21, 2016

If you’re looking to get the best smile and the best oral health, you can start with a visit to your local Denver dentist here at Central Park Modern Dentistry. Next, you can optimize your diet to aid your tooth and gum health! After all, you are what you eat, so if you want to have the best oral health, you’ll have to eat the best foods! Here are some recommendations:

Consume Calcium & Phosphorus

Calcium and phosphorus are the building blocks of strong teeth. Your tooth enamel is composed largely of these two elements. Consume food that is high in calcium and phosphorus, your teeth will be better protected against acids and damage. You can find calcium in dairy products, seafood, almonds, tofu, and leafy greens. You can find phosphorus in red meats, seafood, eggs, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, and broth.

Clean Your Teeth With Crunchy Veggies & Fruit

You can chase a meal with crunchy veggies and fruit to give your mouth a quick cleaning. These foods scrape away other food debris, and they can get your saliva pumping. That’s good news for teeth, since saliva mitigates bacteria. Try out cucumber, carrots, celery, and apples after your meals.

Get Lots of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is incredibly powerful throughout the body. You’ll want to consume plenty of vitamin C to keep your gums strong and to ward off periodontal disease (gum disease). Take a bite out of these foods: Oranges, strawberries, kiwi, bell peppers, broccoli, and kale.

Get Plenty of Vitamin D

Vitamin D aids your body in utilizing calcium to build bones. Now, the best source of sun is sunlight, so get outside for several minutes each day. Also, you can consume vitamin D by eating fatty fish and fish liver oils, egg yolks, and beef liver.

Up Your Antioxidants

Fend off periodontal disease with a healthy dose of antioxidants. Consume beans, nuts, apples, berries, grapes, raisins, and other fruits to keep your gums healthy and free from bacteria.

The Pros of Probiotics

Probiotics work with your body. The good bacteria in probiotics help your body to function. Consuming probiotics can boost your gum health, and it can keep plaque at bay. You can find probiotics in yogurt, kombucha, miso, sauerkraut, and fermented foods.

If you’re further curious about the best foods for your teeth, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Denver-area dentist here at Central Park Modern Dentistry. And as always, combine a good diet with regular checkups and cleaning to attain the healthiest smile!

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